My Brother’s Shield

My Brother’s Shield



City Detective, Sergeant James Jordan, experiences, tragic, adversity and turmoil as his life revolves around a fast pace investigation. To add insult to his injuries, Jordan is assigned to a partner who is less than colorful in his ethics as a police officer. The two detectives of Cuyahoga Police Department (CPD) couldn’t be more different. Jordan is a fast tracker in the department and has ambitions of being more than a police detective. He’s looked upon as the pillar of his community and protector of the weak. Jordan’s partner is cocky, slovenly and set in his ways of doing things. In spite of their differences, this dynamic dual work together to bring down a local syndicates in the City of Cleveland. As the investigation matures, intricate parties become ally’s and love ones become collateral damage. Ethics versus politics evolves an alter ego in Jordan. He must change his way of thinking to bring these criminals to justice or lose his most precious possession. Will Jordan be his community’s keeper or just another “Shield” on a shelf?


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