Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss



Starting over can be like lighting a dumpster fire.

Bexley Dunn is fresh out of divorce court and now spends all her time at her bakery to escape

reality. It’s taking its toll and at the pace Bexley is going, it’s only a matter of time before there’ll be consequences to pay.

Bexley’s cupcakes have become super popular since the boys across the street have discovered them, and while the men of the Hopeful Fire Department, Ladder 12 can’t seem to stay away

from the highly addictive confections offered at Sweet Kisses Bakery, a certain fireman, Jace King, has been eyeing more than the desserts for some time.

Jace sees the baker’s heartache and thinks he can be the one to heal her- to make her smile for real- if she’ll just let him in.

When Bexley finally agrees to a date, will Jace be able to set her world on fire with a midnight kiss, or will her heart stay forever frozen in ice…


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