Callsign Ghost: The Haunting Shot

Callsign Ghost: The Haunting Shot



Jack Kirby is a former Army Ranger and an elite sniper for the US Marshals. Until one foggy morning while on a mission in Nebraska the unthinkable happens, he suddenly can’t pull the trigger.Due to his inability to do his job one of the most wanted men in the country is able to get off two last shots.On administrate leave to clear his head and work through his mental health he returns to his hometown, only to find it isn’t the same small town he left years ago. The rural town is full of drugs and the problems that come with it. Reuniting with old friends, he wants to believe the modern problems haven’t changed them but he can’t ignore it. Catherine Elizabeth Greene is a small town detective determined to stop an unknown killer; a man of skill, who kills from ambush using a long ranged rifle. Desperate for help she asks Jack, a man she barely knows for help. Together, can they find they discover the killer?


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