Testimonials From Users Of LazyApply

My name is Barry from L.A. and I am writing to share my experience with your company. Last month, I started applying to jobs using your software and I couldn’t believe how many jobs I got hired within two weeks after using your product! In fact, it was an amazing experience! Your product helped me save hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars on job boards which ended up getting me a dream job! If you are looking for a good method to easily apply to multiple jobs at once without any additional headache, then LazyApply is exactly what you need.

No More Duplicate Applications I don’t know how many applications I was making to various companies before. Now I just use LazyApply and it saves me lots of duplicate work. Huge timesaver. -Siddharth, 23 years old

Don’t Make Me Hit F5 Again Previously, I would fill out every application manually, even when using different browsers to see if that made any difference in results. With LazyApply, I can apply to all 1000s of jobs in seconds. Thank you! – Sarah H., 25 years old

Jobs websites are great, but the problem with many of them is that you have to browse through countless jobs to find the one you want. You spend all this time going through job postings, and then if you do find one you like, you have to apply through the company’s website, wait for an email reply, and then go through their application process. This can take hours just to apply to a single job! Thankfully, there’s now Lazy Apply – the time-saving tool that simplifies your job search process! Here’s how it works…

1) How to Use LazyApply

LazyApply is really easy to use. After creating an account, you simply type in your job title, city and state. LazyApply does all of the hard work by only showing jobs that match your search criteria. The next step is very simple – You click on apply. The moment you do that LazyApply opens up your browser and takes you to LinkedIn’s job posting.

2) Features of Lazy Apply

One click of Lazy apply search on linkedin searches all jobs. Hence you will not have to keep applying to jobs. You can save your targeted companies, dates, job title and search them later. People who are looking at their linkedin stream every day can use Lazy apply. They can save new jobs on daily basis and start applying instantly without having to wait until they open new jobs on their company website or Job portal.

3) 10 Reasons Why People Are Buying LazyApply

People are not aware of how many hours they spend on job search every day.

2. They are looking for an alternative to save their precious time

3. Once people understand what LazyApply does, everyone is ready to switch

4. It’s great that there is no need to copy/paste or fill forms manually

5. LazyApply saves you 100’s hours

6. People have easy access to interesting information about careers

7. With LazyApply, you can apply at once

8, You can stay updated with latest jobs

9, You can find vacancies which are hard to find

10, Live chat feature-you will be able to talk directly with other people who work in your field of expertise using Live Chat feature

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