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More Than Your Average Publishing Company

Books and Magazines

We’re a publishing company. We publish books and magazines for our organization in various fields. Taking on both first time authors and seasoned writers.

Dove and Dragon Radio

Using the radio waves to promote not only our authors, but adding to it several new shows to help others in business, health & fitness, and of course new books just coming out.

Ad Placement

By promoting others, we are extending our reach not just for our magazine, but also for our authors and services

Trient Press

Company Vision

Our Vision

 Too many might look a bit scattered, unless you understand how a true ecosystem works within a full scale company. We keep a lot of moving parts that ensure our employees have room to grow, are challenged and don’t become stagnant and complacent within their daily task. As we add to the Trient Press brand, we will open doors not only to improve the area that we live but the surrounding communities. 

  1. Vision Statement

Trient Press strives to become the predominant publisher of high-quality eBooks, paperbacks and hardcovers, bridging the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Trient Press is committed to lead the industry in self-publishing by collaborating with a network of traditional publishers, marketplace vendors, and a community of fellow authors to revolutionize the way that the industry operates- from the first upload of the manuscript, to the time the book is purchased by the reader..

  1. Industry

Within Trient Press we are creating an ecosystem that is able to accommodate most clients. With the attitude that if we have the manpower and equipment, we can tailor each product to better sever the client. Adding the element of running solar power for most of the company needs, we will be able to cut cost without sacrificing quality. 

Name of issuer: Trient Press

Legal status of issuer: Form: LLC Jurisdiction of incorporation: NV

Date of organization: October 9, 2020 Physical address of issuer:


Trient Press

3375 S Rainbow Blvd

#81710, SMB 13135

Las Vegas,NV 89180 

Website of issuer: https://trientpressmagazine.com/ Name of intermediary through which the offering will be conducted: Fundify Portal, LLC CIK number of intermediary: 1788777 CRD number, if applicable, of intermediary: 306519

Offering Type

Regulation Crowdfunding


The best reasons someone might want to invest…

Bank accounts are open. Distribution network is secure . There is a lot of interest on RangeMe for our products to expand distribution.

We are LLC, with a federal D.U.N.S number and Sam’s Number

Press for the company is going Global as of May 1st with 7 magazine features in international magazines. 6 are on the company

The website is in development for our on demand printing, however, our base website is up https://trientpress.com/ as is the website for the magazines & blog.


Trinet Press Publishing:
We have 13 authors:
180 Titles in total
Each book is originally in English then translated over time into at least 8 languages. These include: Spanish, French, Itlailan, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Scotts Gaelic, Irish 

Trient Press Magazine
With this being both an in print magazine and a blog traction varies. 
The website varies between 20k-68k in visitors each month.
The brands that we work with are paid advertisements. Based on where the merchant request from fees vary right now. 

Where magazine ads are just starting to be figured out. 

Dove and Dragon Radio 
Has a set base price for interviews right now with an increase coming in 2022 due to the rising cost of the hosting sites.  
We are also adding a t.v type vertical in 2022. 

Printing and Distribution 
Is not open yet and is what we are moving to and has been the reason for selling the stock. As we will be going after both government contracts and printing for small publishers

Trient Events

As we love promoting our authors we understand netowrking with outhers outside of our publishing hose is key for a successful company. Which it why we are start to host both author expos and writer’s retreats with the help of community and national sponsors.


May of 2022 Trient will be adding to our catalog and will soon grow with the addition of up to 30 new authors. These new talents are moving over from another publishing house that we have had close ties to. These new members are such an amazing addition to our already talented group of authors! We are excited to grow our family with them. More about our new authors will be released soon.

As of April 2022 CEO Melisa Ruscsak become an advisory board memeber for K9 X-Factor and DHI (Denis Holdings, Inc.)

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Trient Press

3375 S Rainbow Blvd

#81710, SMB 13135

Las Vegas,NV 89180