Today’s show brought to you by: https://chloeginger.com/ use promo code MELISALYNNRUSCS The Unforeseen: The perfect plan to disappear forever.  No more cops. No more lawyers.  In the end – freedom. A restaurant full of patrons are enjoying lunch at their favorite downtown Kansas City lunch spot, when a group of armed men enter. The patrons had just become hostages.  The elite group of mercenaries have but one goal: to hold the restaurant for less than five hours, until dusk.  At sunset, the plan is for the hostages to be released. As the men and women flood into the street, the restaurant will explode and the mercenaries, along with their benefactor, will escape in the chaos created. Simple enough, but for a few minor details. Amongst the hostages is the hierarchy of Kansas City’s organized crime; and watching them, four FBI agents.  But the plan had accounted for their presence.  In fact, the plan had covered every foreseeable contingency.  However, the plan could not account for The Unforeseen.   Amongst the patrons, a man named Logan and his girlfriend, Michele, on a lunch date celebrating an anniversary.  Within minutes of being inside the restaurant, one of the armed men places his hands on Michele bloodying her perfect face, inciting Logan’s rage.  Unbeknownst to the armed men or Michele, Logan, is the world’s most skilled killer for hire, who is now determined to avenge her.  But he has to do so without revealing himself to the gunman, the FBI or most importantly, Michele.

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